Choosing a domain for your new website can be hard, even if you have your business name, the exact domain name may not be available, or perhaps the domain name you choose will become your company name, either way, the decision is hard.

As well as the main part of the domain name, you need to choose a TLD – be it a gTLD or ccTLD, that is, the part after the . – eg .com, .ie, .net or – TLD stands for top level domain, whilst gTLD and ccTLD are generic top level domain (e.g .com) and country code top level domain (e.g .ie, or respectively.

If you’re based in a particular country, and targetting that country then the chances are, your countrys ccTLD is likely to be the right choice for you – many people will claim .com is the best, the be all and end all, but that simply isn’t correct.

So, the myths.

.com is king of SEO

This is not true – a Google spokesperson has stated that Google treats new domains the same, regardless of gTLD or ccTLD, and having a keyword in the TLD part of the domain provides no SEO benefit – at least not at present, whether it will in future or not is yet to be seen.

People trust .com more than they trust newer gTLDs

Again, this isn’t strictly true – in fact, some of the newer gTLDs make things easier for the user to know what the website is about – look at .plumbing, or .community as examples, what would you say the website was for (a fictional website) – we’d see that and instantly think that this was a plumber in Mayo, Ireland – would we trust it over Of coursee! Why not?

Every big established brand uses .com

Again, that’s simply not true – look at the success of, or some of this years big browser based games such as and – not to forget that Microsoft use .tech for some of their domain names, and twitch uses .tv!

fm and tv are specifically related to TV and radio

.fm is a ccTLD, as is .tv, that is, they belong to specific countries – Micronesia and Tuvalu respectively, they are not, as most people think, related to tv or radio – although .fm was brought to the forefront by a music service,, it does not change the fact that the people of Micronesia can call this ccTLD their own!

So there you have it, some of the most common domain related myths have been debunked – so when you decide to choose a name, and domain name for your new website/business/brand, keep the above in mind, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!