October 2019

Why isn’t my Website Ranking?

You have a great looking website but you are frustrated that your website is not being found on Google’s search engine. Google is the number one most visited website and it […]

May 2019

How to Reduce your Website’s Bounce Rate

How to Reduce your Website’s Bounce Rate

There is a real awkwardness of walking into a shop, looking around, and walking straight back out again. Maybe you didn’t like what […]

December 2016

Allow user submitted content or Guest Posting on your WordPress blog

If you read any of the larger news or blog websites on the internet, chances are you’ve noticed that they have a huge amount of different authors – this […]

Google Adwords Updates – A Round-up

Google’s latest version of Adwords editor, 11.7 has added several new features, we’ve taken a look, and below is a short roundup of what you can expect to find.
Bulk […]

Google gathers steam on combating fake news sites

Fake news sites have been around for as long as the internet – they don’t really serve any real purpose, apart from to make the owner some money – […]

November 2016

Google has dropped “Content Keywords” from Search Console

After much talk and rumours about Google potentially removing the Content Keywords section from their “Google Search Console” (formerly Webmaster Tools), they have finally done it.

The feature disappeared almost […]

Lose “Link Juice” no longer

It has been known since as far back as 2013, and suspected for much longer, that applying a redirect from 1 page to another will lose some of the […]

Google expands on their ‘Popular Times’

You may have noticed over the past year, that when Googling for places such as restaurants, public houses and even towns, Google has showed “popular times” – a small […]

Sitelinks return to Google’s search results

Earlier in November, Google removed the “sitelinks” section from below individual search results for unbranded/generic websites – whilst branded sites kept them for the most part, a huge amount […]

Increase your traffic with old content in WordPress

Writing regular, quality blog posts takes time and effort, and most people write a post, share it a few times on social media, and then forget it exists, letting […]