November 2016

Google expands on their ‘Popular Times’

You may have noticed over the past year, that when Googling for places such as restaurants, public houses and even towns, Google has showed “popular times” – a small […]

Sitelinks return to Google’s search results

Earlier in November, Google removed the “sitelinks” section from below individual search results for unbranded/generic websites – whilst branded sites kept them for the most part, a huge amount […]

Increase your traffic with old content in WordPress

Writing regular, quality blog posts takes time and effort, and most people write a post, share it a few times on social media, and then forget it exists, letting […]

Optimising your mobile site for Google’s new mobile-first search index

With the impeding “Mobile First” search index over on the worlds biggest search engine, Google, it’s more important than ever to ensure your site is optimised for their mobile […]

What we know about Google’s new Mobile as Primary index

What happens if I only have a desktop site, not a mobile site?
Google have said that nothing should change, if you do not have a mobile based website, they […]

Common domain misconceptions debunked

Choosing a domain for your new website can be hard, even if you have your business name, the exact domain name may not be available, or perhaps the domain […]

Backlinks – how do they affect rankings

Firstly, let’s just start out by briefly touching on exactly what a backlink is.
Backlinks are known as several different things – “backlink” (of course!), “inbound link”, “incoming link”, or […]

Why Ireland SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is big business, and depending on what you want to achieve, it can require quite a big budget – that’s why most people spend a long […]

Mobile is the new king, desktop dethroned!

Following on from our recent post on Google splitting search indexes it’s finally official – mobile is now the king of the web. For the first time EVER, mobile has passed desktop […]

October 2016

Keyword Research – A basic overview

Researching your current and future keywords and having an excellent understanding of what’s what, is always recommended before targeting any specific keywords.

You should always run through at least the […]