Google’s latest version of Adwords editor, 11.7 has added several new features, we’ve taken a look, and below is a short roundup of what you can expect to find.

Bulk Create Responsive Ads

Responsive Adsense ads are shown across the Google Ad Display Network, both on web, and of course mobile.

These responsive ads will adjust in size to fill the available ad space on whichever device it is shown on, meaning you’ll get the best possible exposure.

The Bulk Responsive Ads converter converts text ads into responsive ads in a few simple clicks, you can also export/import text ads to spreadsheets and fill out the extra required/missing fields there.

The update also added support for editing Gmail ads for multiple products, the ability to add to existing YouTube bumper ads, and edit existing ads too.

Other features include bulk editing of location extensions for GMB (Google My Business) accounts, and editing the frequency of video campaigns, on a per group, per ad, as well as the original per campaign options.

Local Search Ads on Google Maps

Both the Google maps website, and the Google Maps app has recently seen the introduction of local, targeted ads, showing logos, company names and even active special offers to maps users.

Expanded text ads

Not only do text ads now have double headlines, they also allow more characters overall, this came along with Google finally banishing the right side text ads in favour of more inline ads appearing in the serps.

Updated device specific bidding

Rather than the old method of setting a base bid for desktop, then adding multipliers for mobile devices, you can now bid separately on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices making it much easier to reach your target demographic.

And coming soon…

The entire adwords interface is undergoing a re-design, it’s looking to be slicer and more user friendly than ever before. These updates are due to roll out in 2017 and we’re looking forward to it!