Writing regular, quality blog posts takes time and effort, and most people write a post, share it a few times on social media, and then forget it exists, letting it end up deep in their WordPress website’s archives, but that need not be the case.

Unless your post relates to “here and now” and isn’t going to have any real user benefit down the line, the chances are you can increase your traffic and the time your visitors spend on your website, using only your existing blog posts – of course, adding new posts is also highly recommended, but don’t let your old posts go to waste!

Re-Share old posts

Just because you’ve shared your post once before, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it again – in fact, sharing it again is something we recommend, you can automate this using a plugin such as the “Revive Old Posts” Plugin this allows you to share your existing posts again, you can schedule this to happen automatically, and we recommend doing this at various times throughout the day to get maximum exposure. You can chose to share to some, or all of your Social Media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Show “Related Posts”

If someone is already reading your post, then posts related to it may interest them, this will increase pageviews on your website. You could hand pick your related posts each time you add a new blog post, but it is likely a lot quicker to automate it using a plugin, there are plenty available over in the WordPress.org plugin repository, and all of them work fairly well.

Show “Popular Posts”

Your popular posts are popular for a reason, so displaying a list of your most popular posts on your website will increase traffic to them, and the more traffic you get, the more likely the visitor will share your post on their own social media, increasing your exposure further – remember, around 20% of your posts will see 80% or more of your traffic, tap into that knowledge and increase your views!

Interlink your articles

If you’re writing about something you’ve discussed before on your website, link to it! Not only is this good for SEO, it also gives your users a natural progression to other articles on your website – older articles, which will then be revived by people reading them. The more you can interlink (without it being un-natural) the better. Always try to ensure you’re linking to a worthwhile post though, if the user clicks and the post is completely unrelated then it’s just going to increase the bounce rate on that page.

Reply to comments with old articles

If a user asks a question in your website’s comments, and you can reply with a link to an article which will help them out, do so! Not only will that user benefit from the link, it will also show for other users who view your comments, and may peak their interest too.

So there you have it, not every article you write has to die when it gets knocked from page 1 of your blog, you can keep them alive for months, or even years to come – try implementing some of the above tips and see how you go!