Why Insurance Companies Need SEO


The insurance market today is so competitive and many insurance companies face difficult challenges when trying to gain new customers. When someone needs insurance, they will go online search through Google search engine and generally call the first company they see at the top of the listings. It is very difficult to gain any customers if you are not being seen in the top 3 search results let alone on the first page of Google. To bring in as much business where possible, it is essential to have an SEO campaign to make your way to the top of search engines.

The word “car insurance” generates approximately 84,000 searches per month in Ireland. Most of the searches are people generally looking to purchase insurance. It is important that your company offers something more unique than other competitors to get you off the ground and one of these has to be SEO. If you are reading this, you probably have a website that looks great, with relevant information, and a nice design. However, if your site cannot be discovered your website is practically worthless so to speak. SEO will ensure that your website gains high visibility and traffic to your site. Insurance keywords are competitive, however, with the right SEO campaign, these keywords can be set out to where you can bring in new customers. If you are an online Irish insurance company and are looking to outrank your competitors, then SEO is the solution for you. So, let’s take a look at why insurance companies need SEO.

What is SEO?  

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimisation”. It involves strategic planning, processing, and tactics that will attract organic traffic to a site by gaining positions on the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing, and many more. Achieve leads, growth, and revenue from your website. SEO is not something that happens overnight, it takes time and you must have realistic expectations. Many people make the mistake and think that once a website is optimised it will bring in traffic and leads straight away, well this is not the case. SEO is an ongoing process and it is constantly changing. Digital marketing evolves with consumer’s preferences and habits, and as do the keywords which attract new customers to your website. It is also important to remember that Google and other search engines are constantly updating and changing their algorithms to make sure they deliver the best possible results for their users. SEO requires continuous attention and investment.


Will SEO work for an Insurance Company?  

The simple answer is Yes. SEO works across all insurance companies and industries with no exception. Customers are shopping online so the key is to execute and create a successful SEO campaign and understand how your customers search and shop. The goal is to ensure that your website offers relevant information and everything the customer needs to trust you and want to contact you for the service you are providing.

Leads and Traffic Generation   

Successful SEO will increase your SERP rankings and will make sure that customers online can find you. It will give you more of a chance to gain quality leads and greater organic traffic. The more visitors to your site the greater conversion rates and more leads you will gain. All SEO plans will be uniquely set out to your business needs and help meet all business objectives.


Beat and stay ahead of your competition  

The competition can be fierce between insurance companies. For example, imagine two insurance companies selling the same product roughly at the same prices. If one company has SEO and the other hasn’t, it would be difficult to determine who would win the customers online. If you have a successful SEO campaign your business is more than likely to gain the customers quickly through the higher search rankings on Google with the help of SEO.

Improved user experience   

An essential part of SEO is retaining and attracting traffic by enhancing a website’s user experience. Any professional SEO company will tell you that a better user experience will lead to the more positive visitor experience and lower bounce rates. When a customer purchases a product off your site all transactions will go through smoothly providing an excellent customer experience for them.


Gain credibility  

Like any customer, a lot is focused on the reputation of a company before purchasing any type of product or service online. Quality and good customer reviews are very important. If your business is high up in search engine results this will reassure the consumer of your reputation and credibility. Google search engine wants to give the user the best possible solutions to their queries. Having a great ranking on any search engine will encourage a customer to trust your business and want to make engagements with you and your business.

Long-Term Investment and Potential

SEO has one of the highest returns on investment this is due to its long-term potential. The more time and money that you invest into your SEO campaign the more efficient your campaign will become and the better results you will achieve over time. It is even more important to have a proper digital marketing campaign in place if you are in the home and car insurance business such as Quote Devil.

SEO can be easy or as complex as you let it be. We are all playing Google’s game, so it is essential to do what works in the now and not what worked a few years ago. SEO is constantly evolving and changing. It has practically become a necessity in today’s world especially if you have an online business and want it to become a success. SEO is a time-consuming process and it would not be realistic to expect overnight results.

When you opt for SEO services, you are setting yourself and your business up for success and long-term results. The results are sustainable and you will benefit from them for months and even years. So, if you are considering SEO it is very clear that it will be one of the best solutions and investments for you to reach your marketing goals.