It appears Google has removed yet another filtering option in it’s search results – the location filter. Clicking on the “Search Tools” button and then the “Any Country” dropdown used to offer a selection of locations you could filter your search results to, however it looks like the only option available now is your current location.


This won’t be a massive issue (or an issue at all) for most users, but it was a handy tool for webmasters and SEO specialists who wished to see how their site search results displayed in different locations – such as when targetting a local geographic outside their own area.

Many social media users and indeed Google help forum users have been complaining about the mysterious disappearance of this handy tool, but Google themselves have yet to release any information on exactly what’s happening, whether it be temporary, permanent, or even a mistake.

Our money is on it being intentional, as reports of this issue started coming in a little over 2 weeks ago, with reports increasing as time went by, almost like this update was on a rollout cycle and has now reached everyone.

This isn’t the first search filter Google has removed, and probably won’t be the last – we’re putting it down to lack of use, although it will be sorely missed by some.